Knowledge E | Capacity-building workshops

Capacity-building workshops

Knowledge E offers a range of on-site training workshops aimed at improving the capacity of researchers, librarians, editors and publishers to plan, manage, write and publish their studies in peer reviewed journals.


  • Permanent transfer of knowledge to faculty experts reducing future reliance on external consultants
  • Improve faculty branding – Projection of staff and activities onto the global stage as journal editors, keynote speakers and government advisers

Knowledge E will provide a series of on-site classroom type workshops aimed improving performance at various stages of the research cycle. The workshops will be delivered by industry experts with the goal of developing the skills and knowledge in university personnel thereby creating local experts who can subsequently disseminate that knowledge throughout the university thus generating a centre of excellence, a mark of a truly world class university.

Courses are offered in the areas below or can be tailored to suit your institution’s needs.


Researchers & Management

  • Literature searching and critical evaluation
  • Statistical analysis and methodologies
  • Writing and publishing a research paper in an academic journal
  • Benchmarking, impact factors and bibliometrics
  • Navigating the peer review process as an author
  • University rankings deconstructed


Journal editors

  • Setting up a new journal
  • Improving established journals to reach international standards
  • Submitting your journal for indexing in international citation indexes such as Elsevier Scopus and Thomson Reuters Web of Science
  • Improving peer review
  • Getting the best content from your authors
  • Managing the editorial office


Library & Information professionals

  • Habits of highly effective librarians
  • Licencing & negotiation skills for librarians
  • RDA Resource Description and Access Cataloguing
  • e-Resources update on e-books, e-journals and technical review
  • Practical project management
  • The nuts & bolts of open-access & digital repositories

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