Knowledge E | Research Performance Benchmarking and Bibliometrics

Research Performance Benchmarking and Bibliometrics

Benefits for research managers

  • Gain an independent, quantitative view of how your university’s performance is seen through the eyes of the international community
  • Monitor progress of your university’s performance through longitudinal, standardised reporting at regular intervals
  • Benchmark your university against regional and global institutions using state-of-the-art methods developed by the world’s leading bibliometric centre, CWTS at Leiden University in The Netherlands
  • Develop and support your university collaboration programme, highlighting the return on investment for intra-university collaborations, national collaborations and international collaborations
  • Strategic information on strengths and weaknesses in specific fields or topics


Knowledge E reporting for research managers

Knowledge E offers three levels of bibliometric analysis to provide research managers an independent, objective presentation of the recent productivity and impact of your university in terms of research publications and citations:

  • Bibliometric evaluation of your university – an analysis of research outputs including field breakdown, strength/weakness/opportunity/threat SWOT analysis
  • Baseline bibliometric comparison – benchmarking your university research performance to national and regional institutions
  • Collaboration analysis – Identification of the countries and institutions with which your university co-authors the greatest number of publications and your performance in terms of relative citation counts

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