Knowledge E launches the KnE Publishing Platform

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 2nd June, 2016 — Knowledge E launches the KnE Publishing Platform a new open–access online service that globalises peer reviewed research from regional conferences and journals.

The KnE Publishing Platform enables conference participants and their fellow academics all over the world to search and study the innovative papers presented. The closing day of the conference should never be the last opportunity to see the findings that all too frequently go unpublished. Similarly the KnE Publishing Platform creates a global virtual campus for scholars to enrich their knowledge within their fields of study by adding regional journal content to their academic searches. Most regional journals have limited visibility beyond their local community and are routinely overlooked by international databases rendering them invisible to the world.

Knowledge E founder and CEO, Kamran Kardan said: “Launching the KnE Publishing Platform brings together academics from diverse regions of the world to address common challenges faced by all of us. We now provide a permanent electronic version of regional conference proceedings and journal articles that is freely accessible to the global research community.”

By publishing the conference proceedings and journals on the KnE Publishing Platform, the regional journal owners and conference organisers benefit from Knowledge E’s services for an end-to-end solution including obtaining International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSNs), managing the submission and peer review process, streamlining copy editing and file conversion process, minting Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for accepted manuscripts, and getting advice and services for submitting the papers for indexing in Elsevier Scopus, Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Pubmed and other discovery services.

About Knowledge E
Knowledge E was established in 2012 and has quickly become synonymous with collaboration, innovation and progression. Based in Dubai, UAE, at the centre of a region of vision and ambition, Knowledge E works passionately with all types of organisations and government entities within research and education to support their continued innovation and development by providing them with leading expertise, information resources and software solutions. This does for example include the KnE eLibrary Solution for research literature discovery and the KnE Publishing Platform for open access journal and conference proceedings publishing and indexing, along with associated research and publishing services for capacity building within academia.

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