Knowledge E | Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Established in 2012, Knowledge E has quickly become a name synonymous with collaboration, innovation and progression in research, education and publishing.

Based in Dubai, UAE, at the centre of a region of vision and ambition, Knowledge E works closely and collaboratively supporting universities, research organisations, public and national libraries, trans-national and national government bodies, funders, hospitals, corporations, think-tanks, and any other institution with the aim to advance research and education.

A small company with a big ambition

We believe that every researcher, library and institution deserves the opportunity to excel, whether in a niche area, or on the global stage. This isn’t always easy – getting access to the right skills and resources can be challenging, but this is where Knowledge E can help.

We’re a passionate team of 20+ hands-on entrepreneurs, engineers and research domain experts that want to make the lives of researchers a bit easier and a bit more fun, and make as significant behind-the-scene-contributions as possible to advancing the research front to the benefit for all of us.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We are a commercial organisation, but based on a strong social mission. We believe that knowledge is the fuel of success – helping everyone improve themselves, their organisations, the country that they live in – and ultimately this world that we all share.

At Knowledge E we are excited to play our part in this vital economy. We work to build long-lasting, trusted relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our vision, mission and values guide everything that we do.

Our vision

A more knowledgeable world.

Our mission

To work at the heart of the knowledge industry building scholarly and research capacity through innovative coaching and technology. We therefore develop:

  • Capacity-building training to empower research organisations.
  • A next generation online platform bringing scientists, librarians and research managers together in a novel approach to research discovery, publishing and community engagement.

Together with our partners and customers we globalise local research outputs while providing access to knowledge for individuals, institutions and nations that unite the community in building high-performing knowledge economies.

Our values

• Trust and responsibility

Knowledge E is a highly ethical organisation that cares about giving something back to society. We understand that our customers and partners rely on us to deliver on our promises to support the community.

• Collaboration

Knowledge E brings people together from across the industry to understand challenges, share best practices and create new insights.

• Outstanding service

Knowledge E is a professional, responsive team that understands the value of excellent service to our customers and partners.

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