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15 Oct

The quest for higher university rankings in the GCC

By Jan Nasrullah Rylewicz, Knowledge E

How smart strategies give lift to GCC Universities in recently published Times Higher Education World University Index.   Here is a chicken and egg scenario: what was there first – the high-performing University or the University ranking index, measuring the competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions? You might simply say ‘the institution of course, it had to be there...

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02 Sep

Your job application checklist

By Therese Bill, Knowledge E

In this post, I am going to share some ‘intel information’ regarding the recruitment process here at Knowledge E. I will give you as a job applicant some tips and tricks that you can use for any job you might apply for, now or in the future, at Knowledge E or any other company.   We are not a recruitment company nor an HR company, the following is purely from my perspective, head...

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10 Jul

Foster research output with a growth mindset

By Samantha Miles, Knowledge E

I first read Carole Dweck's  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success  about 5 years ago from the perspective of an educator, looking for resources for an undergraduate course. I was teaching on ‘Global Leadership’. Upon reading the book, I quickly understood why Dweck’s work had become an essential pillar for so many educational programs and leadership trainings. Her findings were ...

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21 May

Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Conference to Attend and Present your Research

By Mohamad Mostafa, Knowledge E

A common forum for discussing and exploring research findings is a scholarly conference, and consequently organizing and hosting conferences is an important and rapidly growing activity that aims to gather researchers and interested parties for networking, exchanging ideas and presenting research findings. Indeed, conference organising has grown into a lucrative business and along with it come ...

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14 Jan

Sushi now available in the SciCloud Kitchen!

By Martin Jagerhorn, Knowledge E

The continuous development of SciCloud as a platform for research discovery and collaboration has reached another important milestone. SciCloud Analytics now supports the Sushi protocol . This means that as a Library administrator, you can simply enter the credentials directly in SciCloud for each of the publishers that you subscribe to and that support Sushi. SciCloud then fetches the...

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27 Dec

Are you ready for VAT?

By Therese Bill, Knowledge E

With less than a week to the implementation of VAT in the United Arab Emirates, many people still have questions.   The Executive Regulation of the Federal Decree Law No. 8 of 2017 on Value Added Tax was issued in November 2017 and you can read it here .   VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is an indirect tax. In a country that has a VAT, it is imposed on most supplies ...

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10 Dec

10 Cool tools that supercharge your business

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By Razeem Habeeb, Knowledge E

There’s certainly no shortage of tools to help professionals in a variety of categories – Social Media, Analytics, File Transfer, Project Management, Communications etc. - so here's a list of the 10 tools, I draw from as part of my toolkit to help you speed up your work.   Secure your files efficiently using - Resilio Fast and reliable file and folder synchronizati...

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09 Nov

Ten Tips to enhance the Credibility and Visibility of your Journal

By Mohamad Mostafa, Knowledge E

Since the number of questionable publications is increasing, it’s important for publishers and Editors-in-Chief to enhance the credibility and visibility of their journal. We advise you to follow the below ten tips to achieve this goal:   Mention the Abstracting & Indexing services that your journal is covered by it and try to get your journal indexed in the main database...

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08 Oct

Knowledge E celebrating our 5th Anniversary

By Kamran R. Kardan, Knowledge E

Last month we celebrated our 5 th year in operation. It is the perfect time to look back at the journey and to reflect on what we have achieved so far and the lessons learnt. It has been an exciting yet challenging journey and we have been fortunate to have the support of amazing clients, great partners and a fantastic team along the way.     Why did we start? The who...

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10 Sep

Top 5 reasons why every academic should get an ORCID record today

By Philip J. Purnell, Knowledge E

There has been an explosion of ‘ORCID-fever’ in recent months throughout Middle Eastern university corridors. Lots of researchers are talking about this emerging identifier but not all are signing up. Here, I examine the top 5 reasons why scholars have decided to sign up, or not.   Before we start, what is it?   The Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID) is...

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18 Jun

How to Make Sure of a Journal Impact Factor & Its Indexing Information

By Mohamad Mostafa, Knowledge E

Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of an academic journal is an indicator of the impact of a journal with respect to the quantity of scholarly research published in that journal. The JIF is calculated by dividing the number of citations received in a certain year for articles published in that journal during the two preceding years, by the total number of scholarly research papers published in that journ...

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11 May

اختر الدورية المناسبة لنشر أبحاثك .. المشاكل والحلول

By Mohamad Mostafa, Knowledge E

Source: مقدمة: العديد من الدوريات تنشر حول العالم ويتم اطلاق دوريات جديدة كل أسبوع. وبالتزامن مع هذه الزيادة الكبيرة فى عدد الدوريات، ظهر للواجهة الكثير من الناشرين المخادعين (Questionable Publishers) وظهرت أيضا ا...

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03 May

Happiness in the workplace – something to chase

By Therese Bill, Knowledge E

If there were a worldwide bet on what one thing every single person on this earth would strive for, I would put all my money on ‘happiness’. Happiness is the foundation of everything and happiness can depend on many different things. Happiness at the workplace will be one piece in the ‘happiness in life puzzle’. Studies have shown that people generally are happier when they are employed. ...

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28 Feb

Navigating the safe passage through the minefield of predatory publishing

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By Philip J. Purnell and Mohamad Mostafa, Knowledge E

Like many of the world’s scholars, young researchers at Al-Nahrain University in Iraq have been told they need to publish research articles in academic journals in order to progress in their careers. Aware of the low acceptance rates and lengthy publication delays in traditional journals, many turn to relatively recently launched open access journals that market their quick turn-around an...

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