Knowledge E | 20th- 21st February 2017: Writing a Successful Research Grant Proposal (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) Cairo, Egypt

20th- 21st February 2017: Writing a Successful Research Grant Proposal (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) Cairo, Egypt

Start Date: February 20, 2017

End Date: February 21, 2017

Venue: Military Medical Academy, Cairo, Egypt



The teacher emphasizes the empowerment of learners through negotiation of objectives and content, through the joint choice of projects and problems from a platform of enquiry-based learning. Throughout the sessions, there will be short instructive turns by the trainer, intensive exchange and contributions by all participants towards a common objective.

The first day will start with an introduction presenting the extent of participation of Egyptian companies and research centres to research projects funded by the European Commission. Afterward, the course will provide a guidance regarding the opportunities and mechanisms of participation of Egyptian entities in the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation called Horizon 2020. On the second day, the focus will shift to the specific training on the process of proposal preparation and execution, complemented with the presentation of actual examples of proposals. The second day will conclude with a practical activity of proposal preparation and an open debate.


This course is ideal for:
• Research staff who intend to apply for research grants at national or international level
• Research managers tasked with obtaining research grants for their departments
• Administrators at universities, hospitals and research institutes who have the responsibility or are otherwise involved in the application for research funding


Dr Francesco Mureddu
International Researcher & Consultant
Associated Researcher, CRENoS (Centro di Ricerche Economiche NOrd e Sud)

Francesco Mureddu was born in Carbonia, in the island of Sardinia (Italy), on the 29th of April 1980. After graduating in Political Science in 2004, he was awarded a full scholarship by the Einaudi Foundation (Turin, Italy) and moved to Belgium where he started a Master of Arts in Economics at the Catholic University of Louvain. In December of the same year Francesco won the competition for enrolling in the PhD in Economics at the University of Cagliari. His research was aimed at assessing how technological innovation, structure of expenditure, and knowledge flows across production sectors influence the formation of industrial agglomerations and ultimately regional economic growth. During the PhD, Francesco finalized the Master in Economics and spent seven months at the European Commission in the unit responsible for setting the Strategy for ICT Research and Development. After finishing the PhD in March 2009 he moved to Germany for a period of internship at the European Central Bank, working on forecast and decomposition of US Potential Output. In 2010 Francesco moved back to Italy and started working as a research associate with Centre for North South Economic Research (CRENoS) of the University of Cagliari, with which he still currently collaborates. In September 2011, Francesco decided to undertake a new challenge abroad moving to Barcelona where he started working as researcher and consultant for the British consulting company Tech4i2. From that moment his professional activity has been focused on supporting private companies and research institutions in bidding and executing research projects funded by the European Commission, particularly in the fields of science and technology. In the last five years, Francesco took part to over 30 consultancy and research projects and over 30 successful bids. He currently works as a freelancer in Barcelona, where he is Senior Consultant at the Catalan firm Open Evidence and Senior Researcher at the Open University of Catalonia.