Knowledge E | 30th March 2016: Modern Approaches to Ethics in Publishing, University of Cairo, (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) Cairo, Egypt

30th March 2016: Modern Approaches to Ethics in Publishing, University of Cairo, (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) Cairo, Egypt

Start Date: March 30, 2016

End Date: March 30, 2016

Venue: Cairo, Egypt

Presenter: Professor Elizabeth Wager


The workshop was attended by university professors and journal editors and was led by Professor Elizabeth Wager, a Publications Consultant and former Chair of the Committee on Publication Ethics, and a member of the BMJ Ethics Committee, who has worked on six continents and is the author of several guidelines.

The course addressed the following topics:

  • Developing and maintaining effective journal policies
  • Relationship with authors
  • Relationship with readers
  • Relationship with peer reviewers
  • Relationship between editors and publishers
  • Commercial and business ethics
  • Detecting misconduct
  • Responding to cases of possible misconduct
  • Liaising with institutions
  • Correcting the literature
  • Resources and organizations to be aware of


About the presenter

Professor Elizabeth Wager has a First Class degree in Zoology from the University of Oxford. She set up her company, Sideview, in 2001 after working in the medical publishing and pharmaceutical industries (for Blackwell Scientific, Janssen Cilag and GlaxoSmithKline). She chaired the Committee on Publication Ethics (2009-12) and is a member of the Ethics Committees of the BMJ and the World Association of Medical Editors. She is Co-Editor in Chief of Research Integrity & Peer Review, on the Editorial Board of Science Editing (the journal of the Korean Council of Science Editors), Fellow of the UK EQUATOR Network Centre, and Visiting Professor at the University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia.

Prof. Wager is a co-author of Good Publication Practice for Pharmaceutical Companies (2003 & 2015), the European Medical Writers Association guidelines on the role of medical writers (2005), the Wiley- Blackwell Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics (2006), COPE Best Practice and flowcharts for journal editors and the author of books on ‘Getting Research Published: an A to Z of Publication Strategy’ (3rd edition 2016) and ‘How to Survive Peer Review’. She has published research and commentaries on peer review and is the co-author of Cochrane systematic reviews on: the effects of peer review, the effects of technical editing, and interventions to reduce research misconduct. Her PhD was for a thesis entitled ‘Peer review and editorial processes for improving the quality of research reporting’.