Knowledge E | 3rd-4th April 2017: Research Design and Methodology (Egyptian Knowledge Bank), Cairo, Egypt

3rd-4th April 2017: Research Design and Methodology (Egyptian Knowledge Bank), Cairo, Egypt

Start Date: April 3, 2017

End Date: April 4, 2017

Venue: Military Medical Academy, Cairo, Egypt



This course will serve as an overview of research design and provide structure to research planning. This workshop will cover the main areas of research design and techniques such that the participants will be better able to develop high quality research projects that are more likely to be published in high impact international journals and eventually used and cited by other research groups around the world (with the associated potential for future collaborations). This course will focus on types of study design, define each one and understand differences of the following subtopics:

  • Outline of randomization, when would it should be used, and what to look out for
  • Types of variables
  • Descriptive statistics of data, how to successfully summarize different types of data
  • Making inferences, confidence internals, and how are they calculated and interpreted
  • Hypothesis testing, p-values, and how are they calculated and interpreted
  • Overview of parametric and non-parametric tests and their differences



Sophie Lee
Teaching Fellow in Statistics
University College London, GOS Institute of Child Health
Faculty of Pop Health Sciences

Miss Sophie Lee holds a BSc degree in Mathematics with Statistics and an MSc degree in Statistics from Lancaster University. After completion of her Masters, she moved to London to work as a statistician at a Contract Research Organisation in the pharmaceutical industry where she remained for a year working on many clinical trials.

She joined the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health in 2015 as a teaching fellow where she is now responsible for delivering ‘Introduction to Regression Analysis’, ‘Introduction to Logistic Regression’, ‘Dealing with Missing Data’, ‘Introduction to Survival Analysis’, Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics’ and ‘Introduction to SPSS’ short courses.

Her main research interests lie in missing data analysis and pedagogical research within the field of statistics.