Knowledge E | 9th July 2018: Statistical Analysis for Academic Researchers

9th July 2018: Statistical Analysis for Academic Researchers

Start Date: July 9, 2018

End Date: July 10, 2018

Venue: National Training Institute


This 2-day workshop has provided participants with a greater understanding of:

  • Recognition of different types of data
  • How to describe the various types of data (e.g. means, proportions etc)
  • Random sampling error and understanding what controls the precision of any given sample
  • Confidence intervals for key statistics such as the mean and a proportion
  • Familiarity with key statistical tests
  • Aspects of a data set that control whether or not your results are statistically significant
  • Calculation of necessary sample sizes as part of the planning stage
  • Determination of statistical significance either by P-values or a confidence interval for the effect size and the reasons why modern practice prefers the latter
  • Clinical significance versus statistical significance and know how to determine the former
  • Reporting statistical procedures
  • Integration from planning through to execution and reporting
  • Using a typical statistical package for all the above purposes


The course was instructive and included hands-on elements. It also featured a strong emphasis on openness and interaction, that gave participants the opportunity to raise their own points of view or to address specific questions concerning them either with the group or privately.



The course was ideal for clinical research staff in teaching hospitals who needed to perform and publish robust studies with sound results and interpretation, Clinical professionals who wanted to gather data that can be used to improve professional practice and Researchers wishing to be able to raise the standards of clinical statistical practice among their colleagues.



Dr. Philip Howard Rowe

School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences

Liverpool John Moores University