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Building World Class Universities

Maximising Research

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The Building World Class Universities knowledge track supports institutions with the foundations and strategies they need to begin or continue on their journey to becoming world-class universities. The Maximising Research course will equip you to develop a long-term strategy for enhancing research and publications that positively impact rankings at your institution.

We recommend completing the Maximising Research course after you have completed the Foundations of University Ranking and Foundations of Bibliometrics courses in the Building World Class Universities knowledge track, as these courses provide essential prerequisite information.

Divided into three bite-sized learning modules, this course covers suggestions on how to enhance your university’s research and publications, manage external funding, and develop scholarships at your university.

Course leader, César Wazen, shares the research strategies he successfully utilised at Qatar University. As a result, the course modules include engaging videos, real-life examples, and guided opportunities to start building your university’s research strategy immediately. Upon completion of this two-hour course, you will receive a digital certificate. 

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