KnowledgeE are constantly finding innovative ways to disseminate knowledge and improve researcher’s access to the best resources that’s why we are proud to present you JoVE.

JoVE the Journal of Visualized Experiments is the world’s first peer reviewed scientific video journal. JoVE is devoted to publishing scientific research in a visual format to help researchers overcome two of the biggest challenges facing the scientific research community today; poor reproducibility and the time and labour intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques

All JoVE articles are indexed in subject-relevant indexing sites, including PubMed/MEDLINE, SciFinder and Scopus

Publishing in JoVE allows authors to dynamically present their methods, data analyses and results clearly, accurately, and professionally with the guidance of JoVE’s professional videographers and editors

JoVE has published thousands of video articles from top research institutions around the world.

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