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Training Topics


Knowledge E offers a range of on-site training workshops aimed at improving the professional capacities of individual scholars and researchers, research managers, librarians, editors and publishers, university leaders, teaching faculty, and university student leaders.

The workshops will be delivered by industry experts with the goal of developing the skills and knowledge in university personnel thereby creating local experts who can subsequently disseminate that knowledge throughout the university thus generating a centre of excellence, a mark of a truly world class university.

Workshop are are offered in the topic areas listed below and can be tailored to suit your institution’s needs.

Foundations of Academic Writing

  • Journal Selection & the Submission Process
  • Publication Ethics for Researchers
  • Literature Review & Critical Evaluation
  • Research Design & Methodology
  • Statistical Analysis in Academic Research

Commercialisation of Research 

  • Identifying Commercialisation Opportunities for Research
  • Orienting Research Projects for Commercial Output
  • Practical Skills for Patenting & Licensing

Research Funding 

  • Identifying & Attracting Research Funding
  • Practical Skills for Grant Proposal Writing
  • Managing Grants & Maximising Funding Efficiency

Promotion of Research

  • Bibliometrics: Impact Factors, Citations & Benchmarking
  • Improving Scientific Presentation Skills
  • Digital Promotion of Research
  • Thesis Composition
  • Academic Writing & Critical Evaluation
  • Research Design & Methodology
  • Statistical Analysis for Thesis Writing
  • Justification & Defense

Research Office Management 

  • Establishing an Institutional Research Office
  • Maximising Research Office Output & Efficiency

Technology Transfer Office Management

  • Establishing a Tech. Transfer Office
  • Maximising Tech. Transfer Office Output & Efficiency

Funding & Community Engagement 

  • Orienting Research Projects for Commercial Output
  • Managing Grants & Maximising Funding Efficiency
  • Facilitating Community & Industry Engagement
  • Attracting Excellent Researchers & Postgraduate Students

Foundations of Journal Publications

  • Developing & Launching New Journals (Publication or Editorial Perspective)
  • Editorial Roles
  • Publication Ethics for Editors & Publishers
  • Managing the Editorial Office
  • Implementing Peer Review
  • International Journal Standards
  • Legal Aspects of Editing: Copyright, Plagiarism, & Moral Rights

Advancement of Journal Operations

  • Improving Existing Journals Through Best Practices
  • Submitting Journal for Indexing
  • Raising Journal & Article Visibility
  • Assessing Impact Through Bibliometrics & Alternative Metrics
  • New Developments, Models, & Initiatives
  • Working with Authors to Secure the Best Content
  • Maximising Output of the Editorial Board

University Leadership  

  • The Value of University Rankings and Bibliometrics
  • Understanding International Accreditation
  • Aligning Policy with Desired Outcomes
  • Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education
  • Conflict Management for Institutional Leaders
  • Diverse Talent Recruitment and Retention
  • Building Strategic Budgets for Your Academic Department
  • Improving Capital Project Prioritisation
  • Comprehensive Retention Planning
  • Fostering Student Support Services
  • Improving Alumni Relations and Advancement Programs
  • Development and Maintenance of Corporate Engagement

Teaching Excellence 

  • Moving from Pedagogy to Andragogy (Student-Centered Classrooms)
  • Creating an Engaging Classroom
  • Curriculum Development
  • Assessment Design
  • Mentorship & Student Development
  • Promotion of Active Learning
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Subject Specific Best Practices

University Librarian Skill Building 

  • Information and Knowledge Services
  • Information and Knowledge Systems and Technology
  • Information and Knowledge Resources
  • Information and Data Retrieval and Analysis
  • Organisation of Data, Information, and Knowledge Assets
  • Information Ethics
  • Current Trends in International Best Practices
  • Creative Library Space Design

School Librarians Skill Building 

  • The Value of School Librarians
  • Creating the Library Community
  • Creative Solutions for Engaging Students
  • Foundations in Information & Knowledge: Services, Systems, & Technology
  • Foundations in Information & Knowledge: Resources, Data Retrieval, & Analysis
  • Organisation of Data, Information, and Knowledge Assets
  • Information Ethics
  • Current Trends in International Best Practices
  • Creative Library Space Design

Student Support Staff & Student Leader Development 

  • Essentials of Leadership
  • Advanced Leadership
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Practicing Global Dexterity
  • Encouraging Diversity in Academic Settings
  • Teamwork in Action
  • Student Engagement and Empowerment
  • Student Crisis Management and Communication

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