Knowledge E holds two editor workshops with Pippa Smart

Knowledge E provided two workshops this week for journal editors that were facilitated by Pippa Smart, independent academic and research publishing consultant for more than 25 years and currently Editor-in-Chief of Learned Publishing, the official publication of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers, ALPSP.

1. Developing Young and Established Journals: Management Planning (16th January, 2016)

This session was tailored to editors already experienced in managing their own journal and the expected outcome was for editors to outline a development plan to increase visibility, quality and impact of their journal


2. Managing Quality – Supporting Authors and Peer Review (17th and 18th January, 2016)

Participants were trained to optimize peer review to achieve effective quality control over their journal’s scholarly publications. The second day focused on commissioning the best content from authors and sharing best practices on author communication and guidelines

Both workshops were endorsed by the European Association of Science Editors, EASE