Teaching Excellence in Medical Education in Egypt

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 9th January 2018 – Knowledge E has successfully delivered the professional development programme, Teaching Excellence in Medical Education in Egypt. This comprehensive course focused on delivering practical skills that fostered the application of theories related to teaching excellence in medical education. It was pilot program run in partnership with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, the Military Medical Academy, and Knowledge E, and with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education.



  1. Moving from Pedagogy to Andragogy (Student-Centered Classrooms): Prof. Michelle McLean, Bond University, Australia
  2. Clinical Teaching at the Bedside: Prof. Rodney Petersen, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, Australia
  3. Assessment Design: Prof. Michael Wan, University of Notre Dame, Australia
  4. Creating an Engaging Classroom: Prof. Carrie Elzie, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA
  5. Mentorship and Student Development: Prof. Carrie Elzie, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA
  6. Promoting Active Learning: Dr. Carole Suddards, Canada
  7. Curriculum Development: Prof. Davinder Sandhu, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  8. Small Group Teaching: Prof. Michelle McLean, Bond University, Australia


These outstanding trainers are leaders in their respective fields, with extensive professional experience, esteemed academic credentials, several awards for outstanding teaching practices, and numerous publications on relevant topics and travelled to Egypt from the USA, Australia, UK, and Canada to share their valuable insights with the course participants.


The participants of the programme were medical educators and represented different regions and multiple medical specialties from medical faculties across Egypt. Philip J. Purnell, Director of Knowledge E’s Services Division said “We are delighted to have made a tangible contribution to Egypt’s learning society, feedback from the participants, trainers and all stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive and we hope to provide further training for medical educators to build on this success.”


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