Knowledge E | 11th – 12th November 2014: PPM & Journals A-Z Workshops November 2014, Arjaan Rotana, Dubai Media City, Dubai UAE

11th – 12th November 2014: PPM & Journals A-Z Workshops November 2014, Arjaan Rotana, Dubai Media City, Dubai UAE

Start Date: November 11, 2014

End Date: November 12, 2014

Venue: Arjaan Rotana, Dubai Media City, Dubai UAE

11th November


Practical Project Management (PPM)

In this workshop, we introduce a simple and free project management tool that enables you to run projects of any size and any level of complexity from a single sheet of paper, providing you with all the key information you need, enabling you to stay on track and deliver on time and on budget.

One of the key benefits of the workshop is that, delegates can bring a real project they will be working on and use the workshop to create a real project for the project, so they create something valuable on the day as well as getting trained.

The workshop is very practical with a mix of tools and techniques as well as specially designed exercises to enable you to leave the workshop ready to implement the tools in your projects immediately. Exercise, worksheets and handouts are provided for you to take away.

Previous Testimonials:
• “Excellent workshop. Cannot imagine how I managed all my projects without OPPP so far.
• “The workshop is very useful. It gave a snapshot of a full project. The OPPP is a good framework for a project.
• “A very simple tool for mapping at tasks, timelines, people involved and status in projects. I will implement OPP so that my staff are more effective in their planning and communication.

12th November


Journals A-Z (Introduction to Journals)

No matter what your job role and function, it is essential to understand the industry you are working in. Industry issues help shape strategy, suppliers’ actions and management decisions, and so it is important that everyone understands how the supply chain works and is aware of the key constituents and their motivations.

This course will give attendees an overview of the journals industry; it will introduce the key players and explain their roles, and will explain the entire publishing value chain including authors, societies, publishers, subscription agents, aggregators, A&I services, commercial search engines, library systems vendors, librarians and researchers. This course is essential for anyone who would like to develop their knowledge of the business of journals publishing.

Previous Testimonials:
• “Excellent workshop
• “Can enhance the career
• “Well organized. The session is useful for beginners and experienced practitioners. Well done!
• “As part of increasing the knowledge about the history and current journal situation, the course was perfect.