Exponential Education

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Exponential Education


Key Concepts

Effective teaching in the modern knowledge economy requires a paradigm shift in teaching and learning: from “sage on the stage” one-directional knowledge delivery to “co-creation of knowledge” where instructors and students work as a team to develop knowledge and skills competencies in the context of creative and critical thinking, identified by employers as essential “soft skills” in the knowledge economy.

Adult learners, in particular, have very practical and specific needs for their professional development that must be addressed within the context of competing professional and personal priorities. In order to meet these needs and be effective, professional educational programmes must be very efficient. It is essential to have guiding principles and criteria that keep curriculum development and delivery methods anchored firmly and clearly to effectiveness and efficiency.

Knowledge E’s (KnE) educational model integrates and leverages selected theories and methods from the domains of education, systems dynamics, computer science, psychology, and business. The concepts discussed in this Insight have proven effective in guiding KnE’s education and consulting programmes to transform participant approaches to discovering, developing, and disseminating knowledge in profound, practical, and powerful ways.

A deeper understanding of these theories and their relationships provides a strong foundation to guide innovation, decision-making, evaluation, and regular improvement of educational programmes to generate greater impact for more people. KnE calls it exponential education.

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