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Provide seamless access to all your e-resources

The SciCloud eLibrary is a discovery platform aiming to make the lives of researchers and other knowledge workers a great deal easier and a bit more fun. Every day several thousands of new research articles are being published. This represents a challenge for everyone to keep themselves updated on the latest developments in their fields and being able to identify the most relevant articles, books, reports, standards and other published material.

To address these challenges, Knowledge E is working collaboratively and long-term with institutions, publishers and researchers. The continuous development of SciCloud is dedicated to solving knowledge workers’ challenges with discovery, development and dissemination of knowledge, with the aim to make the overall research ecosystem more effective. The current focus is on discovery and the platform now enables institutions to open up the access to the electronic sources of knowledge that are most relevant for their employees, whether they are researchers, engineers, medical professionals or other knowledge workers. The platform enables the users to easily search across all resources in one place and access the original and fulltext content in as little as a single click.

Knowledge E supports the institution to make their content collections available through the platform, whether it is from open access journals, requires a subscription or has been developed by the institution itself as part of their library catalogue or institutional repository. The content gets indexed, is kept up-to-date and made available to the users on SciCloud in a seamless way through integrations and authentication happening behind the scene.

Manage your subscriptions more effectively

All of the development is done with a focus on the end users’ needs, and analytics is therefore an integral part of SciCloud. This is used to better understand the users’ behaviour and needs, but also to enable the libraries to get an overview of the usage of the different electronic knowledge resources. The latter serves to empower the libraries to optimise their investments in the different e-resources to ensure the most relevant content is made available to their users.

Raise the profile of your library

For institutions without specific library pages, SciCloud offers the library an optional out-of-the-box solution as part of the platform. The library pages on the platform are easy to administer and enable the library to provide information to its users on all of the e-resources with direct access links along with training material, general about us pages, news, featured content and a contact form as well as direct search possibilities into the content across the e-resources. The graphical design of the library pages is customised seen to the colours, logos and other images to reflect the institution’s graphical profile.

Overview of Key Features:

  • One Stop Search: users can search all of the institution’s content in a single place
  • Discovery and authentication services integrated behind the scenes to ensure seamless access for both remote and on-campus access with the shortest possible click-paths for the users to access fulltext material
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • Browse journal and book titles through an A to Z list and subject categories
  • Export of results in different citation and data formats for reuse with all of the most common reference management tools
  • Analytics to monitor usage and optimise subscriptions
  • Library pages with customised design to provide access to e-resources, training material, featured content, general library information, contact possibilities, news and search capabilities
  • Responsive design providing users full functionality across all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones)



“Dubai Health Authority/ Rashid Medical Library started the process of building an eLibrary with Knowledge E, and their team-based approach was truly instrumental in translating our vision into the platform that is now used daily by hundreds of our healthcare professionals. Access to our resources has become seamless, at the library or anywhere else and the results are more usage of our content and more satisfied users.”

Bakheet Beshtawy – Head, Rashid Medical Library – Dubai Health Authority

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